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My Favourite Cook Books – The Baking Handbooks

These are great baking books for both beginners and more experienced bakers. They have all your bases covered.  From muffins to cakes, from breads, pizzas to French pastries,  you can for sure find something you like.

1. Robin Hood Home Baking: From Cookies and Cakes, to Pizza, Pot Pies and More
– Jill Snider


This is one of my very first reference.  It may look a little outdated,  but I still like a lot of the recipes in this book. They are simple and very easy to follow. There are also specific tips on each recipe which are helpful for beginners.

2. Martha Stewart’s Baking Handbook
– Martha Stewart


This is a handbook that really has everything in it. From basic recipes like muffins, pies and cookies to more advanced projects like croissants, layered cakes, even a wedding cake ! It also has very nice photos, it’s a joy to read even if you are not baking.

3. Duff Bakes: Think and Bake Like a Pro at Home
– Duff Goldman and Sara Gonzales


Duff Goldman is well-known for his amazing decorated cakes. This book though, is not about cake decorating, it has many yummy goodies that we can make at home. My favourite parts, however, are the chapters about equipment, ingredients and techniques. They have very good information, and with a little Duff’s humour, I just really enjoy reading them.

You can find these great books on the Amazon website by clicking on the title of the books. I will receive a small compensation if you purchase the item.