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It’s been one awesome year…..

One year ago I started my blog, time really flies and it’s been a wonderful journey.  I never thought I could have a blog of my own and people around the world would actually visit it ! I have learned so much… to plan, organize and write my post, how to take good pictures of my food, and most important, how to make good food.  It’s been such a rewarding experience.   Writing this blog has also created more bonding between my kids and me, especially my daughter.  She is my biggest fan, my taste tester and my art director !  She is very creative and has a very good sense of art.  She has helped me a lot with my pictures.    

When I look back, there were times that I ran out of ideas or was too busy, and I wanted to quit posting.  But in the end, I managed to get through.  I told myself,  this is something that I really want to do, I should keep going !  I believe we should all pursue our dreams, no matter how hard it seems. With love, passion and hope, nothing is impossible !

Thank you everyone for their support and thank you for visiting !







The Special Ingredient

I was looking for some powder food coloring and my friend referred me to a cooking supply warehouse.  Wow ! What an eye-opener ! There were so many different ingredients, cooking tools, kitchen ware, dinnerware.  Lots of cute little gadgets too !   We ended up spending 2 hours in the store, looking at almost every single item, and of course, came out with the powder food coloring plus……well, just a FEW more other purchases.

To make tasty food, we have to find the right ingredients and add the right amount. However, there is one ingredient which you won’t be able to find it in any store. You won’t spoil your dishes by adding too much of it. In fact, the more the better! This special and precious ingredient is LOVE. The love for food, the love for cooking, and most important of all…… the love for families and friends.

It just makes my day when my kids say ” mom, is so yummy !” , “mom, can I have more? ” Those contented little smiles are priceless. Cooking can be a lot of work, but if you are cooking for your loved ones, it becomes happy work and it’s all worth it!